ELEGOO Tumbller Self-Balancing Robot Car Kit Compatible With Arduino IDE


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  • Tumbller is a newly designed robotic car kit that has multiple fascinating functions like IR control, auto-follow, obstacle avoidance, bouncing mode, and glowing in different LED colors and also you can control it with your mobile phone using our new ELEGOO BLE Tool APP. This kit is fully compatible with Arduino IDE.
  • Tumbller comes with a well-designed tutorial with illustrations, which shows you how to assemble the kit step by step and how to play with all the interesting functions.
  • You can modify the default codes and upload your own program using Offical IDE and work with the reserved pins to add more sensors.
  • STEM kit for everyone: Tumbller is easy to assemble and suitable for kids to have some hands-on experiences and learn basic programming knowledge. Professional robotic hobbyists can also enjoy it by customizing and adding more functions to this kit. Here’s the link to the assembling video for your reference: https://youtu.be/v6tmanA4Dao
  • Package and Warranty: All parts and components are well protected in each box and contained in the outer package. We offer a 1-year quality guarantee for Tumbller so you can buy it with confidence.


Introduction of Tumbller

Tumbller is a smart self-balancing car designed by ELEGOO for teenagers over 12 years old. It has multiple functions and offers you a great hands-on experience. It’s also a DIY kit that helps kids with fostering creativity and inspires imagination. Since it’s developed and based on Arduino so you can modify its function via Arduino IDE programming as well.

Tumbller has 6 modes as below:

  • IR remote control: To control the car move forward or backward by pressing the arrow key on the remote controller.
  • Auto-follow: While the ultrasonic sensor discovering the moving object in front, the car will follow up accordingly
  • Obstacle avoidance: It can discover and avoid the obstacle in front and keep going.
  • Bounce mode: Press the command key, it will tilt forward, and press the key again, it will stand up instantly and keep balance.
  • Glowing mode: Tumbller has 6 colorful light modes, you can switch it freely as you like.
  • Mobile control: With our newly developed ELEGOO Tool app, it’s very easy and smooth to control Tumbller using your mobile phone.
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Press the command key, Tumbller will tilt forward and enter Bounce Mode.

Press the key again, Tumbller will stand up instantly and keep balance by itself.


Tumbller will avoid obstacles ahead of it automatically with the ultrasonic sensors on the platform by sending waves and calculating the distance. Keep your car away from collision and enjoy the fun.


If there is an obstacle in front, Tumbller will move forward or backward with the obstacle.

If there is an obstacle on the left or right side, Tumbller will turn left or right with obstacles.


Press the command key, Tumbller will light up one light effect. Press it again, it will switch to another one.

There are six light effects and you can switch according to your preferences.


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Step 1: Enter the language list in the top left corner, you can choose the language which you prefer.

Click Tumbller to enter the control page.

Step 2: Connect the Bluetooth in the right upper corner. The icon on the left is Rocker Control, and the icon on the right is DIY Control.

Tips: If you can’t find the Bluetooth name, please turn off Tumbller, then turn it back on and reconnect Bluetooth.

Step 3: You can control the Tumbller to move in 8 directions by holding the rocker.

Release the rocker then Tumbller will enter in standby status.

Step 4: You can control the Tumbller with your mobile phone using our new ELEGOO BLE APP.


  • The screw on the coupling might get loose after long-time working, so please pay attention to lock it tight.
  • When DIY Control on the App, the message to make Tumbller turn right is “i” instead of “r”. We wrote “r” in our paper manual.
  • When assembling the expansion board, if you find the infrared sensors on the sides are bent, please twist it a bit and make sure it stands up vertically on the board so it can work properly.
  • When you pick up the Tumbller vertically, the wheel will still rotate. After tilting the Tumbler ±27º, the rotation will stop.
  • Tumbller can’t be used in places where the sunshine or light is too bright if you are using the IR function, because the strong brightness will affect the sensor.
  • The LED will flash red when the battery is running out of power.
  • The USB interface is only used for burning program. When burning programs, please turn off the battery to prevent interference.

Applicable Age   12+


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